W-L-E – It’s interesting, the different three letters make.

Lately I’ve been feeling very uncomfortable. Early in the uncomfortableness I thought it was because I needed a vacation and the beach trip I was going on was only 17 days away.  Then I went to the beach, had a marvelous time and came home still feeling the need to run away from myself.

This feeling is on purpose.  I know I’m to ignore my natural tendency to over-analyze and let myself be uncomfortable.  Do you know how uncomfortable it is to let yourself be uncomfortable??   It’s like accidentally getting honey on your finger and washing your hands only to find out on the drive to work your fingers are still sticky.

As I am in this constant state of ‘ewh’; I often ask Christ to remove it or simply bring about whatever it is He wants to do.  But as I sit on my front porch watching the squirrels prepare for winter; He tells me the uncomfortable is preparing me for the next season.  2013 is not over and there is much He is still wanting to do in me and in His Body.   There is still much to be released and learned.  We have a choice. We can rest in Him or we can wrestle with Him.   He’s willing to wrestle (i.e. Jacob) but there is something about resting. It deepens the trust and dependance on Christ to know that He is doing it. I have the opportunity to sink into Him and allow His arms to wrap around me and hold me, rather than pin Him down to answer my questions. It’s nice to be held and yet it totally annihilates my sense of control. Then I remember I’ve never been in control in the first place.

He is doing it.  If it looks like I am accomplishing anything it is only because of His Life that is at work in me.  Wrestle or rest.  Both are difficult in their own ways.  However, the peace that passes our understanding is only found in the rest.  This peace is gift to us if we are willing to receive it.  His yoke is easy, His burden is light.  He is doing it.  Allow yourself to rest.

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