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Proverbs 3:5

I grew up going to church.  We went every time the door was open. I was ok with it. It was what we did and my friends were there. proverbs35 Because of this I learned the verse Proverbs 3:5 very early in life.  (It’s in the picture to the right, no need to re-type it is there?)

A few months ago I was having a conversation with my sister-friend and she was telling me about a time in her life when the Lord took her back to review the ‘simple’ verses of her childhood. If you grew up in church, like we did, these ‘simple’ verses are the scriptures you recite while rolling your eyes because, although there is much truth in them,  they are nauseating to you.  They are the last verses you want someone quoting to you when you are venting about how horrid your day had been.  Like this picture, you imagine you have to be in a happy-chalk-drawing-scripture-open place to receive it.  Many times it’s been used as band-aid to help cover the gushing wound you’ve received.  Obviously band-aids (verses) are well intentioned but they fall short when stitches (Christ) are needed.

This is exactly what I was doing that night with my friend.  It had been a rough Monday and she was sharing this verse with me. And I wanted to roll my eyes and maybe curse a little; but then…

Then my friend shared  her revelation of Christ.  And how ‘leaning on our own understanding’ is not trusting.  She talked of how ‘learning on our own understanding’ is based in the past. It is based in the good and bad of what has happened to us.  ’Our own understanding’ has nothing to do with what Christ is doing now.

In the book of Revelation, Christ says “I make all things new.”  And for reasons unknown we try and understand what He is doing based on our past. Our ‘own understanding’ is rooted in the decision Adam and Eve made thousands of years ago; when they decided to eat of knowledge rather than Life.  Christ has come, is coming and is currently here to set us free from the desire to know and understand and grasp and strive after.  He is bringing us Life.  Much like the love of and chasing after money is evil; so it is the same with knowledge. Knowledge is not evil; but the love of, the need to acquire more and be right in all things, is.   It does not bring Life as you would think it would. Rather it shifts focus from Life to things that are obtainable and understood.  Christ is too big to comprehend!   He is too vast.  And yet we think if we can ‘know’ enough or ‘explain’ enough; it’ll all make sense.

I have come to believe what Christ is doing now can be confusing and is not meant to be totally understood in it’s entirety. (Although this doesn’t keep me from trying.)  Trying to understand is probably what is causing some of my uncomfortableness.  Christ tells us His yoke is easy, His burden is light.  He tells us we can enjoy Him and trust that He is working on our behalf.  Scripture says the Lord will accomplish what concerns you (Try not to roll your eyes).

I recently completed a twelve-week book called The Artist Way.  The author talks again and again about how art is more about the process than the end result. A painter may start painting  with a specific focus but it is not what it’ll be at the end.  Likewise, what a writer begins writing may take a different shape by time he/she types “The End”.    Trying to understand the ‘new’ that Christ is doing is futile.  Your (my) energy is better spent trusting Him.  Your (my) energy is better spent remembering why He is trustworthy. Remembering who we are in Him. Remembering His great love for us.

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