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My friend posted this video on her Facebook wall the other day.  It is a very interesting look at the power of words. Words give life or death.  If plants can react as they did in the video, how much more human beings? Sticks and stones may break our bones but words will break our spirit.

This morning I was spending time with the Lord and my spirit sensed he wanted to say something important to me.   As I listened I heard the words “I love you“.  I have heard these words often in my life.  After I heard this I waited to hear the good stuff.  The stuff he wanted to tell me after the whole “I love you” thing.  I had heard I love you often, so obviously there had to be more.  But there were no more words.  Instead a little wisdom granted to me in that moment.

I have spent much of my adult life doubting.  Asking all of the doubt-filled questions Christian religious people ask. I have spent time in therapy trying to over-turn the lies that were inadvertently slipped into my childhood.  Finally, this morning it hit me.

As I mentioned much of my life, and more so in the last three years, Christ has told me over and over and over about His love for me.  He has whispered it, shouted it, and shown it.  He has given me eyes to see this love and how it is expanding, or rather – how my ability to see it is expanding. Truth is that this love has always been there.

What I realized just this morning is that He is undoing what the years of lies have done. He is instilling in me (and in us) a knowing.  An unshakable foundation of truth so that I  (we) can grow and flourish and bloom.  That I  (we) can recognize  lies when they are heard and I (we) can find shelter in the One who has spoken of his tender love for me (us) so many, many times.  His words of love bring life.

I love you.   That’s the good stuff.

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